Deutsche Set

Interface Design | Flowchart | Teamwork | Planning | Applied Game

We made an applied game to teach children German in a fun way.
We started with something like memory, but we didn’t like it that much so we changed the concept. We ended up with this as concept:

Then I made the flowchart and the UI design. In the UI design questions like “How is everything going to look?” “What sizes are certain things going to be?” “How much spacing should there be between buttons?” are answered.
It’s also very helpful for your assetlist, since you made everything you can be sure you haven’t forgotten any button!

I put all the Dutch words, then the German words and the second German words in different Excel sheets and exported them as a SVG so the developer could program the game.

After making a list of all the words, I made a color palette and my teammates and I started making all the cards.

Then I made the UI and put all the buttons in Unity.


Made with:

Kim Bolenius artist

Daan Stiger artist

Connor Spronssen developer