Character Design | Character Animaton |


This is the full character, and all the individual parts used to build the character.






Textures | Interface Design | Flowchart | Teamwork | Planning |


We kept a blog while working on this project, you can read my blog here.

We started with the idea to make a world-building game, where you have to make the world as green and animal friendly as possible. I also made a flowchart for the interface in-game




Interface Design | Teamwork | Textures |

You can download our mobile game here!

We started the project with the idea of a ball rolling down. The player then has to build a path for the ball, so it won’t fall into a hole and so the ball grabs all the coins. I first made a flowchart and an interface layout.

Then we started thinking about the look/style of the game. We wanted to make a coconut rolling in the water, wanting to get back to the beach. I made an asset list and planning. Because I now knew what objects I had to make, I made a quick color scheme. I also made the design of the coconut.

I started with a quick design of the coral (blocks) in-game, but we soon realized it was too detailed and you couldn’t see it was meant to be coral. I changed the density of the coral and it looked a lot better.

After this I made all the textures for the objects, two sand backgrounds, and the interface.