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We kept a blog while working on this project, you can read my blog here.

We started with the idea to make a world-building game, where you have to make the world as green and animal friendly as possible. I also made a flowchart for the interface in-game.




First I made the textures for the world. I also made the background for the game.

Then I made the interface buttons. I began with some ideas, but those buttons didn’t fit within the game or with faunawatch. So then I started to add the colors of Faunawatch and after that I also added the simplicity of their logo.
After choosing my art style I looked for the right font and made the rest of the buttons.

Made with:

Tom van Asten artist

Lucas van Gastel developer

Dania Tramonto artist

Max Willekes developer

Categories: Digitalinterface2D

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