Game Characters

We gave Swords&Soldiers a new art style. We used the design from one of our teammates as reference for our characters: This are all the characters in game I made the mage, these are the idle and walk animations:   A thunder animation: January 2017


House build (work in progress)

We had to build a level in 3D, so we decided to make a room for Life Is Strange. I made a window and a door and captured the progress of this. the door: the window: the finished models with textures: And the room is still in progress:   January 2017


Level Design – Lab Monster

I designed a level for a game. I made a map of the whole level, with cells and portals. Around the map are descriptions of the six cells, and images of what the cells should look like. I also made a detailed map of the lab (3) In the game you get spawned in a room (1), you go through the door into the gangway (2). The rooms (3) and (4) are closed, so you Read more…

digital work

Woman in a dress

‘I walked up to her. Her in her fancy red dress, matching perfectly with her red hair. A smile filled my face and I opened the doors to the balcony. A gust of wind gave me goosebumps, and I stepped closer to her.’ December 2016

extra work

Baroque Room

I had to make my own room with the theme Baroque I made a sketch of what I wanted in my room Then I modeled and textured the room All the detail in the textures June 2016

extra work


I had to make thumbnails of a landscape These are thumbnails from the 11th of May And after doing some research, watching a few people explain how to make thumbnails on YouTube, I made these on the first of June May and June 2016

extra work

Creepy Teddy Bear

We had to design our own character, I’d drawn this teddy bear a while ago and thought let’s make him the character! So I drew him in Adobe Animate and colored him And then I animated him. He’s walking in his straitjacket and then stops and his mouth mask falls off, revealing his sharp teeth. April 2016


Different animations

A few animations for ideas I had for a game. Van Gogh As you can see, I was inspired by Van Gogh while making this animation. You have to bike through the painting ‘Starry Night’ and grab all the sunflowers. Cubes You have to rotate the cube to get the right color. Rocket Hedgehog It’s a hedgehog flying a rocket and you have to grab coins January 2016  

extra work

Cute Hedgehog animation

This was the first time we had to make an animation. So first we drew a few simple characters in Illustrator I chose the hedgehog Then we had to make a spritesheet And then we put all the images behind each other to create an animation Isn’t it adorable! September 2015